Harmonizing Incense

It’s an Indian initiation to introduce the uses of heena to the world, this is traditionally using in all occasions in many ways. Heena incense has been made with a mixture of natural herbs so can feel the presence of nature. Helpful in reducing mental tension and stress. It makes the atmosphere pure and peaceful. Light it after a stressful day of mental activity. Herbakriti ‘Pure Heena’ incense fragrance is extremely soothing & pleasant.

Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature1 hour burning time
Herbakriti : The Shape of NatureHerbakriti : The Shape of Nature No toxic/synthetic substances.
Herbakriti : The Shape of NatureHand-rolled in the Himalayas (Bharat)
Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature Traditionally Prepared
Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature Using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature

12 sticks pack Rs. 150.00

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