Harmonizing Incense

Sandalwood, an Aromatic plant mainly used in all religious ceremonies. Prepared from natural combinative herbs with sandalwood paste purifies the environment. Its warm soothing aroma relaxes mind & has a cool effect on Body and Soul. Burn for Protection & healing, Increasing spiritual energy & awareness. Herbakriti ‘Royal Sandalwood’ incenses spreading a soothing fragrance.

Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature1 hour burning time
Herbakriti : The Shape of NatureHerbakriti : The Shape of Nature No toxic/synthetic substances.
Herbakriti : The Shape of NatureHand-rolled in the Himalayas (Bharat)
Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature Traditionally Prepared
Herbakriti : The Shape of Nature Using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature

12 sticks pack Rs. 150.00

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